ThE wEddIng story of my sIstEr & brOthEr In lOvE

My sister and brother-in-love dated for some light years. They were best friends for life with two different personalities which are poles apart. My BIL was a heart throb for many chicks in his college days. His heart would go racing for all those gorgeous damsels on planet earth. Each time he was heart broken, he would come to my sister for some expert advise on how to flirt and date. Ahem !!! Ahem !!! Sorry, BIL, had to spill the beans over here 😉 😉

One fine day Cupid struck his heart and a bright idea popped in his brilliant mind. He decided to religiously wait for my sister at the bus-stop and be a hero in her eyes and drive her around on his green LML Vespa (a “proud” owner in those good ole’ days). Typical filmy eshtyleeee !!!

I presume, as they were friends in the beginning, their hearts were filled with love, affection, care n concern for each other. They never had to impress each other. They teased and pulled each other’s leg like friends do. They were comfortable with each other and shared those comfort levels where they can discuss anything under the sun. They share a deep emotional bonding, intimacy and mental connection.

Snow capped mountain grandeur, lush green surroundings, fruit laden orchards, green meadows with blossoming flowers, alluring Dal Lake, Mughal gardens adding glitter to the beauty of Dal lake, beautiful landscape with versatile diversities, a real paradise on earth, Cashmere, that’s where my BIL has his roots.

A beautiful land of breathtaking beauty, coconut gardens and rich rice fields that brings alive the varied charm of Mother Nature, vibrant unspoiled bounteous beauty, banking on the shores of untamed, pristine and virgin beauty of the gentle waters of river Godavari, Konaseema, Andhra Pradesh, that’s where my sister has her roots.

Two distinct states, two distinct habitats, two distinct cultures they might have hailed from, nonetheless when Sandhya and Vinayak met, their souls instantly embraced each like their own, magically melding into one, like night into day, dusk into dawn. And what happens with a love like that? It brightens up the whole world with its sunshine, just as did theirs.

Language, customs, boundaries, there will never be a barrier daunting enough for love to trounce. Because somehow, all the imaginary, fabricated borders come tumbling down when two lovers hold hands, when two souls walk as one. States muddled, because their home is only the one they find in each other. The comforting feeling of being one, after a long haul, a taxing search and finding the one. Transcending race, ethnicity, religion. Nothing matters anymore. You’re home.

The synchronicity of their collective lives that converged, like two beautiful wings of the same bird with a love that soars, melding into one, was always WRITTEN BY THE ALMIGHTY.

Some things are meant to happen, just not meant to be. Some things are meant to come into your life, just not meant to stay.

SIS n BIL love each other moon and back and can’t wait to make more memories along life’s high way. It may have took them 15+ years to find each other but good things come to those who wait and God has BLESSED them with two dolls who are twins, Angel and Princess ❤ ❤

They never loved each other any more than they do, right this second. And they’ll never love each other any less than do, right this second. Don’t know if they could ever be without each other coz they complete being one. ❤

I believe the secret of their love and marriage is remembering what made them fall in love with each other in the first place inspite of the bumps on the high way of life. Remembering what made them come together in the beginning inspite of every day mundane life. With these reminders, they fall in love again. Keep the romance in their relationship alive. That’s how, am sure with God’s Grace, they will stay in love for a lifetime.

Hat tip and big love to two of my favorite people and marriage role models, Vinayak and Sandhya!  15+ years; lots of road and red seas walked, mountains climbed … With a good side of laughs and luff. Love you and admire your example.

An ode to you SIS n BIL, ❤ U, now and forever. 🙂


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