My Journey Towards Minimalism

becoming-a-minimalist.001When I began my minimalism journey, exactly a decade ago, I realized minimalism is not just about owning minimum materialistic things. Minimalism is also about how we set fewer goals that truly matter. It’s about how we create time to invest in what ultimately helps us find purpose by cutting down the unnecessary distractions.

There are few reasons why i intentionally took my time:

  • In my experience, slow shifts are more sustainable than radical change.
  • I had to experiment to determine what was enough for me.
  •  I was seeking more, just getting rid of stuff wasn’t my intention.
  •  I wanted to discover what meant most to me, what made my heart sing.
  • I am still seeking, experimenting and defining enough. I don’t have an end point in mind.
  •  The goal of Minimalism is to align the “things” in your life (your physical stuff, your commitments, and even your relationships) with what matters most to YOU.

This means minimalism looks like different things to different people. As long as you’re being honest with yourself about what adds value or brings joy to your life, then you’re a minimalist. Your version of minimalism might not look like my version of minimalism – and that’s OK.

Hence, over the years I resolved I am not going to aimlessly go about my day and life but be more intentional and mindful about what I invest my time in on a day to day basis. After a deep pondering introspection, I came to a conclusion that this year I wanted to make time to do what I enjoy the most at the same time do what would help me get a little more refined and better as an individual, daughter, friend and a Consultant. My list was a very short one – to spend quality time with my family n friends, read, learn, exercise and be financially accountable.

We’re nearly three months in 2020. I have been keeping track on how I am going about my day in my TinyChange planner. There have been days when I was unable to stick to my schedule due to work or other sudden commitments. However as I review the pages, I honestly feel proud of having been able to stick to it on most days. I pat my back and pamper myself to a Cup of aromatic Coffee and a Chocolate ~ Orange Brownie.

I am discovering the joy of sticking to fewer achievable goals and being consistent about it during this lock down and other wise. It relieves so much of unwanted stress and creates ample time to enjoy your day at your own pace!

Take one day at a time and continue to take tiny steps and lean into the life you crave. Even if it takes 10 years to get to where you think you want to be, the benefits begin immediately. The beauty of being a beginner Minamilist is that you can be curious and daring. You can ask for help, get back up if you fall, and look forward to new adventures in a life with less stuff, drama, debt and obligation. Becoming Minimalist frees us to live a bigger life with more passionate pursuit of our greatest purpose and goals.

“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realise there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you ~ Lao Tzo

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