Republic Day in my office ~ 26th Jan 2015

It was a moment of pride and honour as i walked into my work place this morning. I could hear a faint melody of patriotic songs from distance filling the foggy morning with music. The security personnel were crisp and sharp in their uniforms, all set for the march past. What a delight to see the national flag fluttering in cool winter breeze as i sang the national anthem. The patriotic feeling from the depths of my heart for my country leaves me speechless each time. The security personnel sang few patriotic songs with such fervency, i had goosebumps. The entire episode transports me back to my school days singing “Hum honge kaamiyab” with all those gathered to witness the occasion.

Watching Captain Pooja Takur in Guard of Honour , and Captain Divya Ajit Kumar leading her wing at Republic Day Parade on the TV, first women officers to take this pride, filled my heart with ripples of joy. It was a ‘WOW’ moment. Loved the Indian Republic Day Parade, especially the all-women contingents! It was a fantastic moment 🙂

26th Jan, in spirit. One of the most important day’s in Indian history or perhaps the most important day.

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