people in your life

I have been pondering upon writing a blog since a long time on various subjects. Just like i do, most bloggers start writing for many reasons, a platform to express themselves, to keep a diary, as a platform to update friends and family about their lives. Whatever the reason, we see ourselves here … we give this space a personality that reflects our own … we feel happy when someone visits and comments … atleast i do …

do you believe that the people in your life are there for a reason? and so is the case with the ones that aren’t there are also there for a reason? I do …

I’ve been thinking about a lot of the people in my life … the ones that are still there, some I’ve grown closer to, some I’ve kept at arm’s length. Some have amazed me by what they can do with their lives, taught me lessons on how to follow your heart and be brave … some have taught me the same lessons with examples of what not to do …

i told my bestie E, the other day that i would have broken in mind and spirit many times in life, if she wasn’t by my side and today was one of the days when i truly thanked the Lord for her presence in my life … she’s been my pillar of strength, my fiercest ally and most honest critic. There are times when only she has the audacity to tell it on my face, i’d not have it any other way!

Friends teach you many things. They are the most accepting of who you are and don’t judge you for what you become eventually either by choice or fate. They inspire and help and kick your ass if needed.

The friends who call me beautiful when i want to cry after getting onto the weighing scales, the ones who tell me i can do anything i ever want to … the ones who encourage me, silently and with gentle chiding … the ones who will grow old with me and always be there in my life no matter which part of the world we live in …

the ones who with their nastiness and highhandedness made me rejoice that i am not them … the ones who taught me how great it is to be humble, which does not necessarily mean that you are a doormat, the ones who have made me thank my upbringing and everything else that does not make me fake or false …

My parents have always cherished and treasured friends. I believe so as i grew up watching them more than anything else. They have taught me important lessons in life. to cherish the people and relationships around me in the present. So i give my friends the kind of attention i would want them to give me … and its not always reciprocated … i have pursued relationships which sometimes i wondered why i wanted so desperately even though the lack to attention was at low self esteem times deprecating to say the least … but it paid off. I am surrounded by the ones i love … i live in a home that’s all mine … and i have a warm bed and hot food at all times. Even on the days when i am feeling rotten and unworthy, the Lord provides me paneer (cottage cheese) to make me feel better …

So i am really grateful for all the living – loving things in my life… occasionally i am also grateful for the stuff that is not living, the Godrej cupboard that mum sent, to keep my clothes safe from all the termites that chewed away my favorite` dupattas!

the ones who have truly earned my admiration and respect, the ones who lost it because their masks fell, they all make my life richer … thank you!

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